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Dr. Comfort is one of the world's leading diabetic and orthopaedic footwear providers. Developed primarily as a diabetic shoe, Dr. Comfort shoes are designed to provide comfort and quality without compromising on style. Not only can Dr. Comfort cater to diabetic patients, the huge range of shoes can also cater to men and women with specific foot complaints like arthritic feet, bunions and corns, swelling, hammertoes as well as more general complaints, such as soreness, aches and pains. Wearing Dr. Comfort shoes will provide your feet with the support and cushioning you need to stay on your feet all day long.

Every pair of Dr. Comfort shoes includes a pair of Dr. Comfort Gel Plus inserts. These inserts are designed to provide every patient with the comfort, extra support and stability they need to get on with their day. If patients wear orthopaedic inserts, the gel plus inserts can easily be removed to make space for bespoke medical inserts.

The shoes are available for men and women in a vast range of styles to suit every taste. Mens shoes are available in trainers, dress shoes, casual shoes and day shoes, in a range of black, brown and white tones to suit every outfit and occasion. Womens shoes are available in trainers, slippers, dress shoes, day shoes and formal shoes in a range of colours to suit every outfit and occasion.

Each shoe is crafted with the finest quality top grain leather, available in half sizes and up to four width fittings to ensure the most comfortable fit. Finished with exquisite external stitching, high quality supplemental fabrics like suede and cuddly sheepskin and the kind of design detailing that you'd expect from a high end retailer like Dr. Comfort that takes these shoes from special to extra-special.

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